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Even if we are a tech-savvy company passionate about building awesome solutions on the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem it’s all about people in the end. Technology won’t solve anything on its own, it’s when the people at Mojodoo together with you as a customer and our network of partners interconnects as humans magic things happen. Together we can challenge the status quo, reimagine what’s possible and create amazing digital experiences engaging people, the ones that should benefit from technology in the end.
Our mission is to guide you as a customer on your journey towards the cloud. By combining business objectives, people, and technology through rapid co-innovation and extreme customer focus we can create business value for you, and ensure your cloud modernization journey is successful. Through our aspirations, we value and nurse an open-minded, friendly, and approachable culture where we challenge ourselves and what we already know, to constantly learn and grow together as people.
So let’s learn and grow together.
Modernize business
Aspiration #1

Modernizing business should be hassle-free

The cloud-powered world provides amazing tools for organizations to transform and be successful, still many struggles in aligning business priorities with necessary digital capabilities.
That's why our mission is to guide and advise our customers on their journey towards the cloud and beyond. Combining business objectives, people and technology.  Creating business value for our customers through rapid co-innovation and extreme customer focus.
So let's remove the complicated in the complex.
Aspiration #2

Success is contagious when people feel included

Technology changes are  complex, and with the cloud there are a lot of moving parts and constant change going on that might steal all focus when planning for digitization.
But history has proven that the really successful technology changes are the ones that weren't run as siloed it-projects. The successful ones are the ones that include and engage the organization, the ones that actually should benefit from the change.
The human aspect in all changes is vital to manage and technology changes share one common challenge, the value of the technology investment can never be realized if the organization doesn’t embrace the change and evolves their way of working.
So let's include, inspire and engage people.
Cloud modernization
Aspiration #3

Cloud is not the objective, it’s the enabler

Assessing the impact of cloud services in an organization can be quite overwhelming. There is so much potential available but as with any new technology investment there must be a clear connection to a desired outcome for the organization and the business your running. 
It all comes down to doing the homework thoroughly, understanding the business potential and how to use technology in a creative way to gain advantages. Then the change need to be prepared in detail, both the technical aspects as well as the impact on people and processes.
With that done you can then execute the change in a controlled and secure way, knowing your not just running yet another it-project, your actually solving real business challenges.
So let's solve real business challenges.
Microsoft cloud
Aspiration #4

If you’re a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none

The breadth of cloud ecosystems today gives organizations multiple choices in how to modernize and transform their business. But to master them all is simply not realistic neither sustainable from a complexity and competence perspective.
It requires focus and persistence in one of them to make magic things happen and ensure that the real power of an ecosystem comes to life .
That’s why we have specialized in being the strongest and most experienced team of digital professionals, creating amazing solutions on the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, with Azure, Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform.
So let's stay focused.

Explore our open positions and roles

We’re constantly expanding our awesome team of digital professionals with new talents. Explore our open positions and start recharging your career, it’s that easy.
Aspiration #5

Always walk a mile in the customers shoes

The reality in organizations might not always be that easy and homogenous. There could be technical debt built up over decades or investments done not just monetary but also from a competence perspective in different technical platforms. This could be perceived as blockers in the journey to modernize the business based on the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.
That’s why we love to work together with amazing nice partners and industry experts to remove those blockers. They complement us, enrich the customer experience, bring additional business value and is a vital part of the team.
So let’s work together as a team.
Aspiration #6

Without diversity innovation is just a buzzword

The era of the lonely know-it-all experts is finally over since the cloud turned everything upside down. With its massive capacity, breadth of applications and with a release cycle of new capabilities not seen in the past it can be really mind blowing.
And with a more global and competitive business landscape  different perspectives and experiences is absolutely crucial to be able to innovate and use technology to your advantage.
The only way to be successful going forward is to be genuine in your ambitions when it comes to diversity. Not just from a no-brainer perspective as gender, ethnicity, physical abilities or sexual orientation, but also from different ways of looking at challenges and opportunities.
Missing out on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace will limit the potential of being successful and making your customers successful, and frankly, that's quite stupid.
So let’s not be stupid.
Aspiration #7

Make a big impact on customers, not the climate

Big or small we all need to do whatever we can to minimize the carbon footprint on our planet. The journey to sustainable business is one we must take together and now it's time to start walk the talk.
That’s why we’re quite stubborn in putting the sustainability question high on the agenda in everything we do. Modern cloud technology can be used to fuel sustainable transformation and we are here to help organizations leverage that.
So let’s work together and create a more sustainable business

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